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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Modern Classic?

Time for a much more modern book,albeit one written in 1987!
This is Iain M Banks' first SF novel (and the first of his Culture books) and although I've just started it I'm enjoying it-its good space opera somewhat reminiscent of Alan Dean Foster's Thranx books or Larry Niven's Ringworld. Good stuff, and quite accessible!
Well I finished it, took me a while but it was well worth it! My initial comparisons with ADF's or Niven's books stil holds, though the stuff in 'Consider' is much more hard edged, with a different lyrical approach, probably down to the fact that the author is British! Life with Horza is rough, its tough and often dirty but thats how life often is!
On the whole this is brilliantly written book, and even though it was written in 1987 its very 'now'!
Will definitely be reading more of his SF books in the future!


Steven Odhner said...

One of my favorites! There's something exciting (though not always uplifting) about books where the protagonist is dealing with one thing after another going wrong.

Let me know your thoughts once you're done reading it.

Larry said...

Have just updated my entry, please take a look again.
On the whole though I'd say 8/10
great space opera, and very acessible!