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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The birth of Space Opera!

Now reading Triplanetary, the 'first' Lensman book by E.E. 'Doc' Smith, a food technician turneed SF writer!

This book originally appeared as a serieal in early magazing amazing stories in 1934 and was put into novel form later. There are two forms of this book it seems. The most common version has extra material dealing with Earth history. Thankfully the edition I'm reading, a 2007 copy from Wildside Books, has this extra material omitted.
There is news that a TV series is planned based on these books(there were provisionally 6 in the series), produced by the guy who gave us Babylon Five!

Well this book took me by surprise! It wasnt what I was expecting at all. I found it quite tedious past the halfway mark, but stuck with it and kind of enjoyed it in the end. I've been informed that its not the best Lensman book by far so there is the hope that things get better with the rest of the series!

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