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Thursday, July 23, 2009

An early Clarke

Next up is Islands in the Sky, an early novel from Arthur C. Clarke.
16 year old Roy Malcolm wins a TV quiz, the prize being a trip to anyhere on Earth. Being a clever kid he reasons that the low-Earth orbits of the space stations are technically still part of Earth and so he gets the trip of a lifetime, becoming part of the crew aboard the Inner Station. During his stay young Malcolm will encounter  everything from a space voyage, gun smuggling pirates, the making of a TV show in space and a monster in a lab! All gripping stuff with each short chapter ending on a cliff,keeping the reader interested!
Its actually a juvennile novel, aimed at '11 and over' and yet its not childish in its writing, and although a lot of the facts are now out of date (it was written in the early '50s!) there's a lot of stuff in here thats still very relevant!
For a juvennile book we get a good idea of what its like up there in space-not your average kids book (though the kids were probably different in the 50s!)


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