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Monday, December 14, 2009

3 Tomorrows!

Next up an anthology based on an idea by Clarke, an idea of how our future might go drastically wrong!
In this book we have  3 novellas;
How it was When the Past Went Away by Robert Silverberg
The Eve of RUMOKO by Roger Zelazny
We All Die Naked by James Blish

The Zelazny piece will be the first work of his I've read.
Well I read the Silverberg story, very good story about a city brought to its knees by an amnesia epidemic!
Now onto the Zelazny piece...which has a strange, fast paced style similar to the Stainless Steel Rat books of Harry Harisson-but the dialogue is very choppy-I'm not sure I enjoyed that one.
Then Blish's We All Die Naked. It seems they saved the best till last with this book-it is a true Earth disaster story with a very abrupt and unusual ending!

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