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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Next up, following on nicely from the James Blish environmental disaster story in 3 For Tomorrow below I'm going to read Richter 10 by Arthur C.Clarke and Mike McQuay. OK so Clarke only provided an 800 page synopsis and the author MQuay died just after the book was complete, but I'll give it a go!
Well I finished this book yesterday (5 January) and it wasnt bad. The first part of the book introduces the characters-Lewis Crane, the emotionally scarred and partially disabled seismologist who survives an Earthquake attack aged 7 in 1997, his asistant Dan Newcombe who is working on his own project, and Lanie King, the de facto love interest. We also meet Islamic fundamentalists and Chinese enterpeneurs and the middle section gets a bit bogged down with politicing-I was beginning to get bored with it all-but then it picked up as more Earthquakes were predicted and Crane's staus became ever more elevated as we enter the mid 21st century. Things get heated up quickly until we reach the strangely uplifting conclusion. Not a bad read-certainly better than I was expecting!


j purdie said...

Thanks for the link Larry, I've added your blog to the Bob Shaw blog and will add it to my other blogs as soon as I log into them.

Larry said...

Cheers! :D