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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A better SF mag!

OK so I'd read a bit of SFX but got fed up with all the vampire/werewolf and zombie references-It may be a one off duff issue but where's the SF guys?? Anyway I came across Sci-Fi Now in Smith's and bought a copy. Its early days yet but it looks much more like kind of thing. It has SF in it for a start and even references a well known SF classic-Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card which is on my wishlist. Its not as good as Deathray but its not bad!
I even joined the forum!
Sci-Fi Now Forum


j purdie said...

I've bought this a couple of times and wasn't too impressed. Can't remember anything of the mags I bought! At least SF(pretend the F is an E boys and cover it up so we increase casual purchases!)X has book reviews. Couldn't tell you if Sci-FiNow has them.

Larry said...

Yea Sci-Fi Now does have a book review section. Maybe my last issue of SFX was a duff one but I found it pretty crap!