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Sunday, January 17, 2010

End of Deathray magazine!

Oh man, just as I find a good SF magazine it folds! :

"British science fiction magazine Death Ray is to cease publication after its 21st issue (October 2009). The news broke today that due to the credit crunch and the separation of the magazine's publishers, Blackfish, from their parent company, Rebellion, it was no longer viable to carry on with either Death Ray or its sister magazine, Filmstar. However, there is a very slim ray of hope that another company may pick up the magazine, or the publishers may be able to remount publication at some point in the future.
Death Ray launched in May 2007, just one month after Imagine Publishing's SciFiNow. The near-simultaneous launch of two new SF magazines was a surprising move, since Future's SFX had been the sole science fiction glossy magazine on the shelves for some considerable time, whilst two older SF titles, TV Zone and Starburst, had both folded in 2008."


j purdie said...

I think I bought this a couple of times and it didn't make an impression on me. Sad to see it go though. SciFiNow (despite the name) is marginally better. SF(pretend the F is an E by having a picture obscure the letter)X is always the most readable but all the magazines on the market seem to be geared toward the lower teen age bracket.

Larry said...

Ah I used to get SFX(and am a member of the forum) but I find the magazine too teen oriented, to concerned with films, TV and the latest trendy things. Interestingly Matt Bielby,the guy who used to work at SFX when it was good, was one of the founders of Deathray!
Incindentally I found a copy of the last issue of Deathray on Ebay for...£6.99!!

Larry said...

Well I got a copy of SFX and found it, well lacking in SF! Lots of Horror and fantasy(what a surprise!), vampires, zombies and werewolves but little SF so far. Then I went out and got Sci-Fi now and while its not as good as Deathray it does have a lot of SF in it, including a page devoted to Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card which many will agree is a classic!(want to read that one!)