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Monday, February 1, 2010

2001 on Blu Ray!

I'm really pleased to have this! Not only do I now have the film in Hi Def but also there's all the extras. There's the Making Of with contributions aplenty from Clarke, Kubrick, Trumbull, even Keir Dullea is in there sharing his thoughts on playing Dave!
Theres also features on how filmmakers have been inspired by the film, and Kubrick's vision, as well as an audio interview with Kubrick made in 1966! Superb!


j purdie said...

I can't afford High Duff :(

Not that I'm too interested in following the trends. 3D's now in fashion before Hi Def has got it's jacket off an made itself comfortable.

Is there a noticeable difference in quality?

Larry said...

Hi John, in general yes, its like the jump from VHS to DVD, on some films, not all! The likes of Star Trek, Terminator etc are like Wow, detail, but others like Close Encounters are not good on Blu Ray-maybe the original source for such films was quite primitive?
I dont know about 3D, i cant see it as I can only see through one eye so have never known 3D-to me everything is 3D! I think they make too much of it, deliberately putting scenes in a film to get the maximum 3D effect. Which if you watch in 2D just look cheesy!