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Monday, February 15, 2010

A change from SF and a Nazi surprise!

I'm nearly halfway thru The Keep The Keep by F. Paul Wilson. Its my first book by him (the author's first novel, writt in 1981) and its rather good sofar!
Basically its about a fort in Romania that is occupied by the German soldiers in 1941 under Captain Woermann, and is used as an outpost to keep an eye on the distribution of fuel; i.e. to make sure they get most of it! Anyway someone, or something is killing off the soldiers one at a time, at night, and so an S.S. officer is called in to investigate. Woermann is unhappy with the Nazi regime and despises the methods used by the S.S. to get information from the villagers, not to mention their treatment of the Jewish community! This creates tension between the two men as well as a nice conflict in the story as a background to the other nasty stuff going on. I'm kind of thinking, what's worse, this beast on the loose or the SS!
Apparently a movie was made of this book but I've never seen it and it seems it never got put onto DVD-the only DVD copies are bootlegs!


j purdie said...

The name sounds familiar. I looked at the link and there may be a possibility I've read some of his short stories in anthologies. Not an author I've actively pursued though.

Larry said...

Yea he has also written SF, as well as medical mysteries(he is trained as a doctor I believe)
for a first novel the Keep is very tightly written. Considering it concerns an era from 40 years before the publication date the author has done a good job-I wonder what research he did!

Larry said...

This was excellently written for a first novel and in fact was one of the best horror books I've read! Will be reading more of this author in the future!