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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another DNF!

That is, Did Not Finish!
This time I'm really annoyed with myself because its an Alastair Reynolds novel!
I picked up his 2007 novel The Prefect from the library as others had said good things about it, so I thought I'd give it a go. At first it sounded interesting but it soon became apparent that were was a lot of politicing in the novel, centred around the Panoply, which is kind of an ethical policing group. At first I thought, ah that sounds like Neal Asher's Polity, but in this case its all talk, no action.
I hate not being able to get into a book but at page 90, with the thought of another 300 odd pages to go, I just couldnt go any further, I'd had enough. Not only is there a lot of politics involved but also diverse threads that I just couldnt get a handle on.
I was looking forward to another AR book because,unlike many, I thought his 'Pushing Ice' was superb-must re-read that!

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j purdie said...

At least with a 400 page book you've got an excuse. I bought a couple of those Quick Reads today and promptly started one: boring, no tension, no plot. I got to about 30 of its' 100 pages before I gave up. And this is from a best selling author too. I wont name him cos he's hard and might hit me. I only hope the other one is better written with a better story.