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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Now onto a classic by English author Brian Aldiss. I read this book some years ago and I believe I enjoyed it. Written in 1960, originally as a magazine series it was re-issued by Penguin last year and so I bought a copy from Waterstones, and now its time for a re-read!
Basically its about the Earth a million years from now, when it has stopped spinning and is tidally locked with the moon, and in fact connected to the moon by giant spider webs.
The main group of organisms in the book are the plants-it is like being in a giant

greenhouse, with insects crawling all over it and humanity stuck in the middle, no longer the dominant species.

When you read about it it does sound like fantasy but when you actually read it you realise it is SF, just very out there SF! And who knows what the world will be like in a million years time!


j purdie said...

Not an author I was ever drawn to. I remember just being confused by his short stories so I didn't ever pursue any of his novels. This one sounds intriguing.

Larry said...

Its more than intriguing John its bloody brilliant!


Larry said...

I enjoyed this when I read it years ago, and now I have a new Penguin edition I'll have to revisit it sometime!
Hmmm its funny but re-reading it I didn't remember anything-it was like I was reading it anew!
Well having finished it I can honestly say its more fantasy than SF! And the odd thing is when reading it I found I didnt remember any of it! My memories of the book went as far as kids running on a beach and finding a morel!
I found the Tummy-belly men very annoying-an early publisher recommended he cut those out of the book to bring the page count down to 160.
Maybe he should have!