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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A new way to read books!

I finally got myself a book reader, purchased used from C-EX for £95. Normal price is £140 or £99 from Waterstones, if you can find any in stock!
(Well actually this will be my Christmas present, come early) ;)

Its a Sony PRS-300, their base model so theres no Wi-Fi or 3G, not that I need any of that! Its a book reader, it reads books, what other features do you need??
I've never tried one before and having read e-books previously on my phone or the Nintendo DS I had no idea what to expect. Unlike phones and such the screen is matt,a bit like a LCD TV screen, and rather than being backlit its rather like an old digital watch readout only MUCH much better! I tested it by opening the curtain when the sun came out and, well, it was just like a paperback-rather than blotting out the image as it would do on a phone, forcing you to cover the screen to see what was there, it just kind of made it easier to read! The technology in those E-ink displays is fantastic!
Also the device is very lightweight-just like holding a small paperback really! Also unlike a certain other reader it supports Epub format, so there's lots of free books for me to read from Project Gutenberg!
It can hold 350 books (based on a 1MB ebook-many are much smaller files!) with 6800 page turns-thats 2 weeks of reading on one charge, or 10-15 books!!
Currently reading  The Purple Cloud by M.P.Shiel on it.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy your new toy! I really dig the eReader on my iPad.

j purdie said...

Cool, nice price too. I'm going to wait until they hit the fifty quid mark, which going by the increasing sales of and demand for ebook readers shouldn't be too long.

What is it like reading books on them?

Incidentally Blogger seems to have went in the huff; I log on today and find three comments waiting for moderation when they normally sail through. I haven't been online to make any changes so I guess the gremlins have gotten bored of doing nothing and were looking for mischief to make.

Larry said...

John, well I think you'll be waiting a while before they're 50 quid ;)
As for what its like to read well it may sound daft but its like reading a book! The screen isn't lit and its actually easier to see in bright light, even sunlight-just like a paperback!
I have 84 books on it already, with more to find. If you do get one download Calibre. Itd a for£at comverter and ebook manager that's fabulous to use! Can comvert any format into any other format just like that. (Except for .doc) Can even download the book cover for it, if it has one!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, i know that you've been toying with getting one of these for a long time. How much are the books to download?

Larry said...

How much are the books to download?
Well Rodders I havent paid for any book so far, I'm getting them all free from Project Gutneberg!
But if you want say Neal Asher's latest then you will pay a bit less than a hardback copy, or about the same as it in paperback. This is because e-books, unlike real books, are subject to VAT!

j purdie said...

Nice to know it's readable. The one I saw in a Waterstone's did look a bit bright.

When the volume of sales go up the prices will come down, and - to be honest - I think fifty quid is a more realistic price. And that's nothing to do with me being a stingy Scot. The content is more important than the platform. Perhaps someone will take the risk of doing a Sky and give away the hardware for free so they can cash in on the book sales.

Larry said...

Thsat sounds a good idea John!
You say the one in Watrstones looked too bright? I dont see how that could be unless it was one that had a built in light. If its dark in here I cant see mine, just like a regular book. Maybe the screen was too reflective? Which one was it? I'm guessing it was the Touch which does have a shinier screen to accomodate the touchscreen.

j purdie said...

It could have been the way it was displayed in the shop. I didn't use it, just had a look at it in passing. I think it was the model they're now selling at £99 (Sony I believe), though can't be sure. It was in a glass cabinet and probably strapped down and alarmed to stop the oiks around here from nicking it. Next time I'm in Waterstone's I'll maybe get a closer look and feel of it to get a better idea about e-readers.

Larry said...

John, thats the one I have, in the picture I posted! £99, £80 off the RRP.
I was going to get mine from Waterstones but they all sold out up here so I had to look elsewhere. The shop is still promoting them here even tho they have none-thats false advertising!

j purdie said...

Hmm, the buttons at the bottom do have a familiar look to them, but not much else. (And I now notice the tiny word Sony at the top of the picture) It was a few weeks ago and not a full examination from me. And as you say Waterstone's don't seem to have them now - the Kirkcaldy shop had a few, a couple of different models, but the Dunfermline shop, even though it is a bigger shop and has more books and shelf space, never had any whenever I visited it. Nice to know it's very readable; maybe it was the lighting in the shop that made it look shiny. Still a little too pricey for me at the minute though.

Larry said...

Yea it had ads all over the site and in the shop window for it, (still is in our local branch!)shown in bright pink or silver.(There was also a Navy blue option)
When I went to CEX it said there were three in stock but they couldnt specify what colour it would be in, so I nearly ended up with a pink one!