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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I've had this Ray Bradbury book on my shelf for a few years now and it being the Halloween season and the book being set in October  I decided to give it a read.

A mysterious carnival appears in a sleepy town one night and 2 young boys become involved in some strange goings on, but are unable to tell anyone because, well, its that tiome of year and theyre just a couple of young impressionable kids right?

The story itself is a fantastic idea, such potential for a great novel. Unfortunately Bradbury decided to dress up this 1963 novel with fancy prose and long sentences without any kind of punctuation at all interspersed with odd made up words and phrases that dont make sense! You can take a breath now!
In some ways the story  resembles something Stephen King might write-unfortunately he didnt write it!
Many praise this novel but for me its a case of a good idea spoiled by dodgy writing!

Oh, Happy Halloween / Samhain everyone!


j purdie said...

Not read much Bradbury but thoroughly enjoyed what I did read. Remember getting Martian Chronicles when the TV series (70s?, 80s?)was about and being a bit bemused as they bore little resemblance to each other. I wouldn't rate him as highly as some do. By co-incidence this book was one of the ones recommended by Waterstone's staff when I was browsing in the shop this past weekend.

Larry said...
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