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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

People are dying to visit Earth in this book!

Cemetery World is a short 1973 novel by Clifford D. Simak.
Simak was born in 1904 and came late to SF, working as a newspaperman for most of life. Upon retiring he turned to writing and soon amassed a wealth of stories and novels.
Simak's fiction has been described as 'pastoral', focussing on and driven by the natural world. Often it is the environment in which the conflict occurs that takes centre stage rather than the event itself, with more of a human element than a technological one, and although I've only read a few of his works this impression does come across! When you consider the area in which he lived, (Wisconsin and Minneapolis) surrounded by fantastic scenery it is no wonder really!

In Cemetery World we discover a future Earth which has become the cemetery of the title, the richest people having their remains interred there. Along comes Fletcher Carson, his giant robot companion Elmer and a huge robotic creation called Bronco with a plan to create a mulitmedia work of art based around non-Cemetery parts of Earth. Carson seeks to find out as much as he can about the forgotten aspect of the planet but is met with opposition from the corporate leaders of Cemetery, and soon finds himself pursued by strange ghost-like beings and robotic wolves, determined to discourage Carson from his pursuit.

I read this a few years ago but it didnt make much impression on me. However this second time around I found it very engaging and am glad I kept the book on my shelf!


j purdie said...

This one slipped past me. I have a few of his books and enjoyed them immensely. Our Children's Children is a great thriller, and I really liked the one about the dogs (the name of which I can't recall at the moment). Time to look online for a cheap copy of this methinks.

Larry said...

Ah the dogs one will be his magnum opus City, which i've yet to read. At the moment im reading Vertigo by Bosh!