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Monday, March 28, 2011

Its windy out there!

Just finished The Wind From Nowhere by J. G. Ballard.
Basically a strange wind comes out of the blue and keeps on accelerating until its travelling about 250 mph, the people having to build shelters underground. This is Ballard's first novel from 1961. I've read in the past two of his books from the 60s but this is quite a simple book compared to say The Drowned World. I felt this book concentrated too much on the characters- I'd have like to have seen the environment explored further. And then at the close of the book it just ends!
Not bad but lacking depth.


j purdie said...

Not a writer I could ever get into. Years ago I borrowed a few of his books from the local library but I don't think I ever finished one. This included short stories and novels. I think it was just his writing style that put me off.

Larry said...

John, I've only read a few but The Drowned World was excellent!! And of course The Empire of the Sun is a fabulous film!