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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Discovered an author-Algis Budrys

Now I'd heard of this author years ago but never read any of his stuff. Some may vaguely remember a 70s sci fi film called Who?- it was based on one of his books.
Anyway I found a couple of stories on Project Gutenberg and downloaded them to read, which I just have.

Citadel can be found here
and concerns itself with colonisation of the Galaxy and the creation of a safe haven where alien races can meet on neutral territory.

Stoker and the Stars is a shorter story, about 15 pages on my reader, and is about an enemy race and one man's intervention to bring a kind of peace.
The author seems big on alienation and repatriation!
You can get that here
Stoker and the Stars

Some information on the author:
Algis Budrys

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