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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A bad case of Asimov followed by a dose of horror

I tried in vain to read Asimov's The Gods Themselves but I got to the second part and gave up! Its my second attempt at this book but life is too short!
Basically its about the discovery of an alternate universe in which tungsten becomes very important to its inhabitants and a way for our side to get free energy. Its in 3 parts, the first part involves the duscovery that a piece of tungsten has been transformed into a radioactive substance. The second part deals with the aliens on the other side. Sounds interesting but I found it interminally dull! And awkward!

I liked very much his robot novels and stories, but didnt like his Foundation books at all. I did enjoy his time travel novel End of Eternity though!

Anyway time for something completely different.
I started Hellhouse by Richard Matheson, the guy ultimately responsible for the movie I Am Legend as well as 50s movie The Incredible Shrinking Man. Review will follow...

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