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Friday, August 19, 2011

Hell House!

This is a story about an old haunted family house led by maniacal Emeric Belasco, who would lure people into his house and engage in orgies and wild parties. Many died at his hand and years after Belasco's own death his spirit infests the place. Dr Barret along with his wife, a medium and a previous resident who survived are sent in to investigate and 'cleanse' the house once and for all...

I wasnt sure I'd like this as I'd not read this author before and I always associate him with SF (he's responsible for I Am Legend as well as the excellent B-movie from the 50s The Incredible Shrinking Man) but I can honestly say I enjoyed it! Its a typical haunted house horror story, maybe nothing new but, well it was written in the 70s when Hammer House of Horror was regularly on our TV screens, and Hell House is a prime example of that genre.
Good creepy stuff!

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