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Friday, March 2, 2012

Neal Asher on my shelf!

Got a copy of The Skinner, for free from Bookmooch.com. Its his second novel and sounds fun, with an AI with an attitude problem and an agent thats been dead for 700 years and a real nasty planet.

I've only read 2 of Asher's books, the excellent Prador Moon and the sometimes tedious and overlong Gridlinked.

This looks good!

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j purdie said...

Hope you enjoy it. I got into Neal through your review of Prador Moon which made me want to read it. I bought it and haven't looked back. I really enjoyed the Technician but have't bought the Skinner yet. I bought The Departure when it came out and although it was a great book I found it a tad log. But overall a great author found via this blog.