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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Analog 2 ed. by John W Campbell

A so so collection from the great magazine, published in 1965.
 I'd never heard of any of the authors previously.

Here's a break down:

#1 The Weather Man by Theodore L.Thomas
The Weather Bureau are able to control the weather on any part of the planet, but an aging Councillor has one very daring challenge... 3.5/5

#2 Good Indian by Mack Reynolds
Very short comical story about attempt by last Indians to get a treaty with the US 100 years after ethnic repatriation.Funny 4/5

#3 Blind Man's Lantern by Allen Kim Lang.
30+ page story about an Amish couple who relocate to a planet populated by pagans.. 3.5/5

#4 Junior Achievement by William Lee.
A so so story about a bunch of junior inventors cum entrepreneurs. 2.5/5

#5 Novice by James H. Schmitz
A tale of a young girl on an alien planet and her strange cat-like pet,a bit reminiscent of Foster's Pip and Flinx books. 3.5/5

#6 The Ethical Quotient by John T Philliphent
Psionics and ethics in a long galactic federation story somewhat like Asimov's Foundation stories. A man wakes aboard a space ferry and is thrust into a world where people use psi powers on a daily basis. Unbeknown to them our man also has these powers but keeps it quiet. 3/5

#7 Philosopher's Stone by Christopher Anvil
An interstellar courier is carrying a vital piece of information, but due to space travel time is distorted, so a year passes in 6 weeks, enabling him and his crew to witness socio-economic changes, and formulate a plan to prevent them from being left behind on a global scale. 3.5/5

#8 The Circuit Riders by R.C. Fitzpatrick
A story of big brother where emotions are monitored by the police. Once a person's level of anger reaches a certain level on the circuit the police home. A lot less exciting than the title led me to think it was! Good writing tho. 3.5/5