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Friday, December 27, 2013

A new ebook reader and an Asimov story

In October WHSmith were offering the 6 inch Kobo Touch for £40, half the normal price, so while we had the money one was bought as a Christmas present for me.
Been using it a couple of days now and it's great! Has wifi, a micro SD card slot and a built-in browser, so I'm able to go to Gutenberg.com and get free books from there ( and other sites)
It has one button on the front but is touch screen so everything is covered!

Also I've had this Asimov story (Youth) on my other reader for ages. I put it on the SD card and read it on the new reader.  ( my old reader lacks an SD card slot)

The story is a first contact story, with a twist, and the only Asimov story in the public domain.
Very good!


j purdie said...

Nice to see you back blogging again. Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas. I haven't bought an ereader yet but I did buy an iconia pad/tablet which is as good as; I purchased a few ebooks from Google Play and got some Public Domain books from Google books. It's good but not as good as a real live (!) book.

(I follow you on twitter and note that your time is not wasted - those gold coins will come in useful sometime no doubt.)

Larry said...

Ah hi John. Yes christmas this year was definitely better than last year!

As for the book reader, its fantastic, built in browswer, coupled with wi-fi, so I can go to gutenberg.org and download a book straight to the the device and be reading it in seconds!
I've got a couple of old Astounding magazines on there now from the 1930s!
As for Twitter, I dont use it really, waste of time. I prefer Instagram :D