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Monday, March 24, 2014

The End of the Matter by Alan Dean Foster

And so onto the next Pip and Flinx novel in which our young telepath and his pernicious pet seek out Flinx's father. Also they hear of the discovery of a rogue black hole that threatens a sector of space. Flinx journeys to Alaspin which is the home of Pip who goes off on a sabbatical for a while... This time Flinx is joined by a strange blue alien called Ab who seems to speak gibberish yet may hold a clue to stopping the rogue star. If he can be understood. While on Alaspin Flinx encounters a large friendly giant and his female companion. This giant is none other than Skua September, one of the main characters in the Icerigger trilogy of books! He also bumps into Truzenzuzex and Bran Tse-Mallory, first seen in The Tar Aiym Krang, Foster's first novel! Another fun romp across space-

Foster never fails to deliver!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Orphan Star by Alan Dean Foster

In this, chronologically the 3rd story featuring Pip and Flinx, our young red-headed vagabond, accompanied by his tenacious and deadly mini dragon, sets out in a journey to discover his roots. Pip, unsure of his parental origins, seeks to discover who and where his real parents are. His official full name is Philip Lynx but it is really his adopted name. He was raised by Mother Mastiff as described in For Love of Mother-Not and is not really sure of his origins. He travels from place to place, in pursuit of the belligerent Conda Challis who wants to use Flinx's psi powers to unwrap the mystery of some rare and expensive crystals that have a hidden secret. These crystals affect the behaviour of anyone who possesses them, and Challis wants to exploit these properties without being affected himself. Also Flinx travels to Earth in the hope of finding information about his history in the records there. He then travels to a planet held under special Edict, and discovers strange bear like natives that have been partially domesticated by a bitter and twisted woman, using them to serve her corrupted ends. Flinx is caught up in the middle of all this political wrangling and brings his own solution to the situation. This is another engaging story by Foster, with less technical blabber than The Tar Aiym Krang and is thus more accessible. It makes for a fun and captivating read