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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Star Trek Log One

Talking of Star Trek...I decided to read this book that belongs to my partner.  We're both Trek fans and she's had a couple of these logs on her shelf for years. Theyre written by Alan Dean Foster and based on the animated series from the 70's.( Some of those episodes were penned by Larry Niven no less...)

There are 3 stories in the book:
1 Beyond the Furthest Star in which the Enterprise is captured by an ancient being.
2 Yesteryear in which Spock must travel to his past and meets himself as a young boy. Very good that one!
3 One of our Planets is Missing. A giant enitity is consuming matter in space and heads towards an inhabited planet-the crew of the Enterprise intervene.
Despite the fact that these are based on an animated series they are definitely not kids' stories-the science in them is sound and the author manages to capture the crew's characters very well.
Good fun!


j purdie said...

Didn't know these existed. I have all three volumes of the Blish books where he turned the episodes of the original series into stories but didn't know they did the same with the animated series - which I don't think I've seen.

Larry said...

Hi John. I wasnt aware of the animated series until I saw one of them on TV recently. Fun stuff, albeit with no Chekov!