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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Hmm my last blog entry for 2017 and its an alleged classic. I've had this book on my shelf a while now and finally got round to reading it. The thing is that Dracula has become this HUGE legend, and one would expect the book from whence the legend sprang would be an amazing read. It wasn't. It had its moments and I could see how it would be seen as ground breaking at the time but, well, its all rather...dull! Not a lot happens, and Dracula himself hardly features in the whole book (which is written in the form of letters and diary entries) and is easily dealt with. Hardly terrifying. Oh well, on bookmooch it goes...off to read Dickens' A Christmas Carol, an annual favourite...
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Yes another King book under my belt... I need to catch up you see, and I really do like a good horror story..this one doesn't dissapoint.
Now most people's memory of 'Salem's Lot will be flavoured by the 70s TV series featuring David Soul as Ben Mears. Well I don't remember the series that well but having read the book I don't think Soul did the protagonist justice, apart from the fact that Soul is a blonde and the 'real' Ben Mears is raven headed. Yes, raven-headed, a nod to Poe there...well it is a horror story after all... Anyway for those not familiar, the story concerns a vampire setting up shop in an old run down house in a town called Jerusalem's Lot in Maine. Now I've never been to America and I've yet to read Dracula (shocking I know...but watch this space) but after reading King's afterword about the genesis of the book I too believe that transplanting a modern day Dracula into a small dusty old town makes more sense than dropping him into a big bustling city-the Lot just works as that setting. An old monster watching over a few minions in a quiet town that has proper autumn weather-where you feel October as well as see it. And the smell of death and age mix in with the dust...a keeper.